Gremlins Tshirt


$ 25.00

Sometimes you get the gremlin, sometimes the gremlins get you! This is more true for adventurers than for most people. The Chi Gremlins spell is popular among monks and Bruno Balixa illustrates it wonderfully. You can get these in Asphalt Grey, Black Gold (The ladies gold is much lighter color, almost a lemon) and White. This is made it available to adventurers and heroes only!


Men's sizing is: S       M         L          XL       2XL      3XL

Chest               34-36  38-40   42-44  46-48  48-50    50-52

Waist                30-32  32-33   33-34  36-38  40-42    44-48


Lady's sizing is: S      M       L      XL      2XL

Chest                  34     38     42    46      50

Back Length       25      26    27    28      29.5

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