Heroes' Tears Character Creation

In the Heroes' Tears Game you use a priority system to create your character. You choose what is most important to you from among the categories of combat, fortune, magic and skills. Each character gets 6 priority points that you distribute through the four categories with a maximum of 3 points in each. 

An ogre warrior dons her armor.Combat determines how tough you are and your skill with weapons and armor.


Fortune is your character's luck, wealth and social position.  The swashbuckler uses alchemist's fire on his foes.


A mage casts a spell through her staffMagic is if you can cast spells and how good you are at them.


Skills are the myriad of abilities such as picking locks, using diplomacy to sweet talk a city guard into not reporting you burning down an inn or something simple like riding a horse.

A halnaak thief picks a pocket