Heroes' Twilight

     A web serial set in Seagate and nearby areas of the Heroes' Tears Game World. It updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Written by Martin Lambert and edited by Paige Busby. A diverse group of characters gets pulled together over time to either prevent an ancient empire from rising again or ensure that it does. 


Chapter 1: Introductions         "All the world's a stage, and we but player's upon it." Wilhelm Spearshaker, High Bard of the Imperial Court

     1.1    Warrior's Introduction

     1.2     Prospector

     1.3     Priestess Peril

     1.4     Desert Run

     1.5     Rogue

     1.6     High Priestess

     1.7     Pride

Chapter 2: Beginnings          "From an end springs new beginnings." Plintes the Elder, Founding Member of Thunder Falls Naturalist Guild.

     2.1     Farmers

     2.2     Kidnappings

     2.3     Town

     2.4     Spring Patrol

     2.5     Mercenaries

     2.6     Academy

     2.7     Refugees

Chapter 3: Wanderings          "Some wander out of curiosity, some out of fear and some have nowhere else to go." Georgios The Lost, Warrior Philosopher.

     3.1     Summoning